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Our Designers

Designs by Denise Renee

Fashion Designer Denise Renee is a Denver native recently showcasing her pieces at: 

New York Fashion Week #NYFW

Las Vegas Fashion Week #LVFW

LA Fashion Week #LAFW

We are excited for her team headlining our show this night!

Motivated by love and loss; Denise harnessed her pain into creating stunning pieces to honor love and life. 

Tirelessly pouring herself into this new found passion, grateful for the doors of opportunity that open; she reaches back to help others succeed and fulfill their potential. 

Special thanks to her Stylists:

Melanie Espinoza MUA

Ashley Dickie MUA

Jasmine Thompson MUA

Shawna Denault MUA

Annette Burgess HAIR STYLIST


Bradley Allen

Featured in Men's Health Magazine for the shaped man.

Each Bradley Allen is crafted with your fit in mind!

• Premium cotton for a quality, crisp look
• A touch of Spandex for the ultimate comfort, breathability, and sweat-repellence
• Underarm Gussets to eliminate that unwanted tightness
• Torso Darts to accentuate your lean torso and give you a clean, tapered look
• Forearm Darts to allow for vast differences in forearm size

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Anaabel Marquez

Fashion Designer Anaabel Marquez inspired by her latin roots, brings together a sexy flirtatious flair any woman can wear.

If you ever feel unattractive or self conscious

Just put on your favorite pair of lingerie/underwear/what ever makes you feel sexy/cute and prance around in front of a mirror listening to your favorite music alone. When you feel good about yourself again, take a picture. Share it if you want, or keep it to yourself and remember that day and how you felt.

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Xitlali Baila

Ixtlali, Model/Designer/Dancer and World Traveler. She shares her love for fabric, colors and movement through her designs and dance. 

When Xitlali flows in dance it as if it were the only way her body truly knows how to speak. 

Verbally guarded at times, physically she would shrink and fade into the background no matter where she was. On stage her personality, her sensuality burst through into the most vibrant picture of a beautiful soul.

Photo by Milter Media

Jeneration Apparel

Jennifer Costello is a Colorado Native, CEO of the brand, Jeneration Apparel, a Producer & Talent Manager with the Jeneration Network. After a tragic accident in July of 2011, Jennifer was left with both a shattered leg and shattered dreams. It took 5 years to recover, renew and become ambulatory again.  It was in the new steps, dreams were found and realized. It was a new beginning, following a desire bigger than one's self, following your heart.  It was in 2016 at the age of 49 and by the GRACE OF GOD, Jennifer had two legs in which to walk and a photoshoot opportunity that led to her becoming an overnight swimsuit & International model in as little as Six weeks. After quick success in modeling, it was only natural to work with models and create beautiful images with the Jeneration Apparel Brand.    

Credits 2016 Censored Wear Swimsuit calendar model • USA 2016 International Model Blanca du Nil 2016 Intl. Model Beauty Images 2017 Censored Wear Calendar Covergirl 2017 Intl. Model Cover Beauty Images  2017 CEO Fashion Brand Jeneration Apparel/ 2017 Jeneration Apparel Models  2017 Easter Seals Ambassador  2017 & 2017 Fashion show credits 2017 Jeneration Apparel Debut Nativ Hotel/ Denver 2017 Ice Ball Feature Jeneration Apparel/Denver 2017 & 2018 Festival of Color/ Denver  2017 Fashion Passioneista of New Mexico/ Denver 2017 Brazilian Collection Fashion Show Las Vegas,  2017 Denver Unique Week of Fashion * Seasons 2, 3 & 4/ Denver  2017 Denver's Unique week of Junior children's Edition season 4.  2017 Scars by Divinity Productions, 2017 Flawless by Spa Denver CO  2017 City Park Community Fashion Show 2017 Fitriction Fashion Show 2017 RK/NUE Pret` a Porta Fashion Show Denver 2018 Founder of Jeneration Network & Talent  2018 Management, Mrs. Colorado International 2018 New Client Management  2018 Model vs Model/ Talent Competition Producer

Tsagas Leather & Furs

Custom leather and fur pieces that are truly a work of art. His hand crafted designs have been showcased on runways around the world. 

Custom clothes are hand-made on site with the best quality and materials. Andreas Tsagas, owner, travels across the globe seeking out the latest fashion and style trends to incorporate into his business. He works hard to make sure you look the best you possibly can, day in and day out, bringing a whole new meaning to the words custom service.

Designer Andreas Tsagas 

Kimono Dragons

Francis Roces, Designer/Owner of Kimono Dragons brings together his eclectic fierce designs to stun runways around the country. 

Years in the Fashion and Modeling community, he has impacted top modeling professionals by sharing his expertise in design and structure.

S&K Clothing

Silky sheer fabrics. Soft to the touch. 

US Veteran and Designer Shawn Schram has put his dreams into life by creating one of kind pieces that flow and fit right. 

Hand stitching each piece. We are exciting to showcase his creations with you this night!

Sherry's Angels

"Sherry's Angels" Transforming the average individual  Into fantasy! With Custom wings and accessories by sherry and original apparel by Melissa An and Amanda Rivard    

Sherry's Angels:  handcrafted wings and apparel  blur the lines between reality and imagination, making both women and men alike live out their dreams. 

Sherry's Angels Wings and apparel will undoubtedly make you the center of attention for most events and photo shoots. Wings are available for sale and rental. 

Phone 720-600-1701 


James, Etc.

Passion for hair. 

Passion for fabric. 

Passion for design. 

Hair Stylist & Designer James Silvrant brings his style, vision and passion to life for us this night. 

Featured in several shows his energy, excitement for life unifies beautiful people inside and out of the fashion community. 


Photo by Robert Rice, Red Ball

Mirtha Art

DESIGNER Mirtha Santacruz, originally from Asuncion, Paraguay, brings to us her love of texture to fabric. 

Using pieces non traditionally combined to weave together a pallid of string, beads, tule, silk, roses, fabric and  Swarovski Crystals to top them off. 

Her creations are a welcome addition to the fashion industry in Colorado. 

Welcome her to her new home. 

Follow her on Facebook at:

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